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Back Again, Back Again Presents:

S w o r d  a n d  S p i n n e r

Between the first rex et poeta et soldat and the one Ilyaas finds herself a part of, there were still storytellers, swords, and kings that didn't care nearly as much as they should. Remus's job is to solve the problems too small for the monarchy to care about. Lila's job is to tell the stories after they're through.

Sword and Spinner is a prequel to Back Again, Back Again.

C h l o e   P e t e r s o n

Chloe Peterson (they/he/she) is fulfilling their longstanding dreams of being a bard through Sword & Spinner. In addition to getting to genre-jump for each new episode of the show (spanning choral arrangements to siren songs), he was also thrilled to voice the character, Lila, thus becoming the second voice in the Rhysean Podcast Universe.


You can find them working on various other shows within the Listless network as a producer, director, composer, writer, voice actor, and script editor. Their work as a voice actor, composer, and musical director earned them four finalist nominations in the 2022 Audio Verse Awards for their work in The Children of Room 56. 


When she’s not working on podcasts, Chloe can be found performing with her band, dormchair therapist, pursuing their Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, working as a photographer, and feeding his neighborhood crows.

A b i g a i l   E l i z a

Abigail Eliza (she/they) is the writer, producer, and sound editor for the show. She also voices Remus. 


When she's not teaching, sword fighting children, or frantically pursuing her degree, Abigail enjoys learning languages, taking walks in the woods, and making dinner for her friends. 

Their favorite fun fact is that the cicadas and crows that you hear in the show were recorded behind their childhood home and the park near their apartment. She can't explain why, but it's lovely to have a piece of home in the distance. 

Listen to Sword and Spinner!

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