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About the creator
About the show

About the Show

Back Again, Back Again is a narrative portal fantasy about ex-prophecy children, the end of adventures, and queer girls with swords. It tells the story of Ilyaas, who, on the night of her seventeenth birthday, gets portal-magicked away to a world called Rhysea – where she is told that she is part of a prophecy to save the country. The podcast picks up at the traditional end of all "portal fantasy" stories -- where the hero has been spat back out into the "real world." Back Again, Back Again, revolves around Ilyaas learning to readjust to life in the "real world" while still remembering everything she's seen. 

How to listen

Listen to Back Again, Back Again:

Episode one:

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How to support the show

Abigail Eliza

Abigail Eliza (she/they) has been obsessed with the idea of escaping to another world ever since, at approximately the age of six, she projected a little too hard onto Lucy Pevensie and tried to convince all her friends that, yeah, you could definitely get to Narnia through her closet (you couldn't). 

And, as a voracious reader all their childhood, they were often disappointed by the lack of queer people in popular fantasy stories (a change they are enthusiastically recognizing lately -- Gideon Nav and Baru Comorant, their beloveds). When their contrary preteen criticism of this was met with the response of well, write your own, they decided, more spitefully than anything else, that they would. In the spirit of that middle schooler, Abigail will readily inform you that, no, there are no straight people in Rhysea. 

When not frantically writing, sound editing, or sword fighting children in fantasy worlds, she enjoys learning languages, making dinner for her friends, and wearing silly little outfits. 


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